Customized Experiment and Analysis

Next-generation sequencing by MiniSeq

The following service is for those interested in checking samples’ quality or assessing experimental condition at single nucleotide resolution using next generation sequencers. Our plan is intended for quick delivery with highly flexibility that suits one’s needs.

Pricing for NGS run
PlanDelivery DateCost/RunMax Read CountRead LengthSize
PE-LR-100110 Business Days *1200 000 yen *28 million150bp pair-end2.1~2.4Gb
SE-SR-100110 Business Days250 000 yen25 million75bp single-end1.65~1.875Gb
PE-SR-100110 Business Days300 000 yen25 million75bp pair-end3.3~3.75Gb
PE-LR-100210 Business Days400 000 yen25 million150bp pair-end6.6~7.5Gb

*1 Additional 10-30% fee will be charged for sequencing within less than 10 days.
*2 The price accounts for the MiniSeq run only. Additional 20 000 yen will be charged for every sample that requires library prep. Please contact us for more details.

Quality check of NGS library

We evaluate the DNA quantity, size distrubution, etc. to determine whether the quality of the DNA library is sufficient and appropriate for next generation sequencing.

Pricing for quality check
InstrumentsDelivery DateCost/Sample
(1~4 Samples)
(5~12 Samples)
(13~24 Samples)
(>25 Samples)
Qubit® 3.0 Fluorometer10 Business DaysN/A5,000 yen4,000 yen3,000 yen
NanoDrop10 Business DaysN/A3,000 yen2,500 yen2,000 yen
2100 Bioanalyzer10 Business DaysN/A5,000 yen4,000 yen3,000 yen
StepOnePlus10 Business DaysN/A5,000 yen4,000 yen3,000 yen

Signal-noise (SN) ratio evaluation from NGS data

This plan takes into account of assessing total number of reads, read duplication ratio derived from PCR duplicates, peak area number, and read concentration ratio.
Price may differ depending on the number and types of data. Please contact us for more information regarding the pricing.

Primer/siRNA Design

We design primers for PCR amplification, and siRNA for gene knockdown from human to microogranisms by targeting highly specific sequence based on whole genome analysis. Please contact us regarding the pricing as it may vary depending on the target species and regions, etc.

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