Research & Development at Rhelixa

Health care

We have a health care business that applies the genome / epigenome analysis. In our company, we are applying the genome / epigenome analysis to prevention and improvement, not only for fatal diseases such as cancer and diabetes, but for hair thinning, infertility, insomnia, and obesity, which are not lethality, but their symptoms to be big burden mentally and physically.

Health care for animals

We offer examination services for preventing diseases which apply the genome / epigenome analysis. In a lethal disease such as feline leukemia, there was that the veterinarian was not able to treat the cat by overlooking signs of illness in the palpation and conventional blood test. However, you may prevent your pet from disease through our examination services. Also our examination services allow you to check up your pet at home without going to see your vet.

Genome and Epigenome analysis of Agricultural crops and Microorganism

Based on the genome analysis, we manage the quality control of agricultural crops by clarifying the producing areas and nutritional status. In addition, we can study the optimal production conditions by quantifying the changes in the epigenome, which is based on the production area. Similarly in microorganisms, we can streamline conditions in line with specific objectives by doing the genome / epigenome analysis for each individual and collective. In the genome editing with using the CRISPR / Cas technology, our clients are utilizing our our technology in order to predict the critical areas in particular biological function from among the vast genomic area.

Upon the joint business project

In the health care business, we are looking for strategic partners or research institutions that can expand the research and technological development together. If you are interested in our project, please contact from "Contact Us", or info(a) First, our technical staffs will ask you for your needs and we will propose you the design of the most appropriate research and technology development.


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