NGS(Next Generation Sequencer) Software

NGS genome / epigenome analysis platform

We offer the best NGS genome / epigenome platform for analysis tailored to the user's environment. We are able to limit or add functionality as required. After the interview by professional staff, we will propose the best analysis platform.

Cloud analyse system

Our NGS genome / epigenome cloud system for the analysis is ideal, for the following customer. 1)Would like to do genome / epigenome analysis without a high degree of information scientific operation. 2)Since it is not possible to install a compute server, you would like to use the external computer, and analyse and store the data in the external database. Available from anywhere, you do not need to worry about the operation for maintenance and management. Ee have provided in affordable cloud computing systems that offer a variety of programs specialized for NGS genome / epigenome analysis

NGS genome / epigenome analysis for Web system PEAK v1.1

In this Web system "PEAKSv1.1", it does not require any processing, such as the installation of the programs required for NGS genome / epigenome analysis, hence you can analyze the data for each use by a simple operation. From that all of the programs in PEAKSv1.1 is operational in less than three clicks, so the many genome biologists are using mainly. Currently, available programs are the following 9.

  1. comparePeakSetsDouble:Extract the common/specific area in between the two peaks set
  2. comparePeakSetsTriple:Extract the common/specific area in between the three peaks set
  3. adjustPeakWidth:Change each area of peak set into a fixed-width (with reference to the peak center)
  4. assignProximalGenes:Allocation each area of the peak set in the vicinity of genes
  5. extractPwmInstances:Extract an area corresponding to the binding motif of transcription factor
  6. computePeakDistTSS:Calculate the appearance frequency distributions around TSS at the peak set
  7. computePeakDistGenomeWide:Calculate the genome-wide frequency distributions in the peak set
  8. evaluateCoLocalization:Evaluate the co-localization ratio of between peaks set
  9. evaluatePwmCoLocalization:Evaluate the co-localization rate of between transcription factor binding motifs

Cloud system for information analyst

If you would like to use the software on the trial base or you would like to use an external large-scale computer for the big data analysis, our developed cloud analysis system allows you to solve problems as such. According to the required specifications, we will be happy to provide you with most appropriate cloud analysis system.

Building NGS server for data analysis

You are required to combine various programs for the data processing, in order to do to the higher-order analysis and interpretation of data from the base call. Series of programs are prepared required for analysis, so it allows you to analyze bulk data without complicated operation in our dedicated server for NGS genome / epigenome analysis. As required, we also offer maintenance and analysis services by expert analysis staff as well.

NGS data only visualization browser

Dedicated browser of genomic / epigenome data is useful in order to check where and how much identified DNA fragments from NGS is concentrated. It is possible to predict their control relationship by clarifying the positional relationship with a particular gene. By comparing data such as , conservation degree between the public different organisms, interaction between genomic areas, and open chromatin domain, at the same time, more detailed roles and functions will be clear.

More info

We propose the most appropriate analysis platform according to your usage. Please contact from "Contact Us", or please send an email to info(a) with regard to your request for more information and estimates.


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